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Step 2: Adverts based on your online activity

Google Doubleclick
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Google is our main advertising platform and is also used by some advertisers to buy adverts that appear on our Sites.
Manage Cookies with Your Ad Choices
IVO is a creative management platform that enables the design, production and delivery of advertisements
Skimlinks Manage Cookies
Skimlink technology is used for attribution purposes to link ecommerce purchases to our brand ( only).
Oracle Data Cloud
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Oracle Data Cloud is a digital measurement platform that enables us to monitor advert viewability and analyse invalid traffic.
Advertising systems that some advertisers use to buy adverts on our Sites.

Alternatively, you can use the below two links to manage all of the above cookies; this will impact your cookie settings across the Internet, not just on

YourAdChoices (Digital Advertising Alliance)
Your Online Choices

By opting out of these types of cookie on each browser and device you use, you will stop receiving adverts that are targeted specifically to you; however you will still see the same number of adverts on our Sites, which may include contextual adverts that are not targeted based on your personal information.

Step 3: Third party cookies that help us deliver other functionality

We also use third party cookies to optimise marketing performance and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising on other websites. This includes:

Google - Manage Cookies with Google Ad Settings
Twitter - Manage Cookies with Your Ad Choices
LinkedIn - Manage Cookies with LinkedIn Ad Settings

Other ways to opt out

You can also manage your cookies via your browser settings. For more information, please visit your browser’s help page.

The FT has a number of advertising partners, providing a range of services such as:

  • Contextual advertising – adverts related to the content you’re reading
  • Run of site advertising – adverts shown to everyone visiting certain pages
  • Personalised advertising – based on data we have about you.

Some advertisers and third parties will personalise adverts based on data you have provided to them, to the extent that you have consented to this. To fully understand how these third parties process personal information, please review their policies. You can manage your cookie settings with these partners by visiting the links below.

For more details of the cookies used for advertising please visit:
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